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The well-coined phrase “one size fits all” cannot be extended to include nutrition too. Whilst two individuals may share common characteristics such as age, height and weight, each comes with different physiological, biochemical, genetic, psychological and environmental indices.

Too often, an individual embarking upon a diet is left feeling disappointed, simply because despite there being a plethora of diets available, most work according to the common assumption that each individual has the same nutritional needs and each individual will thus respond to the same diet in a similar way. However, this is not the case and each of the aforementioned indices need to be considered for a unique nutritional plan to be scientifically formulated and tailored to meet individual needs. We believe in educating our clients and equipping them with nutritional information, which they can understand and utilise in the future, long after their final consultation, rather than simply spoon-feeding. We envision a world where clients see a dietitian for a certain amount of time and what they gain is not just useful information but nutritional education and a mindset that will follow them for the rest of their life. Having mentioned our vision for an absolutely tailored nutritional plan with scientific merit, there is certainly no other way to achieve that but through scientific research. Through the active involvement in nutrition related research at one of the largest research centres in Europe it is our aim and priority to translate cutting edge research into simple techniques for our clients and to arm them with the most up-to-date and evidence-based nutritional knowledge.