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Infertility can be a sensitive and difficult issue when a couple are not able to conceive.

This problem is on the rise and currently one in six couples may have difficulty conceiving, which translates into approximately 3.5 million people in the UK. Additionally, up to one fifth of young men find themselves diagnosed with a low sperm count, which is also linked to infertility.

There is a strong association between excess weight and decreased fertility in both men and women. Female obesity does not only decrease the likelihood of ovulation, it also reduces pregnancy chances in women who ovulate regularly. It is not just being overweight that can cause problems. Women who are significantly underweight are also at high risk of infertility.

The first line of intervention to tackle infertility is nutrition and doesn’t require the use of medication. Boosting your fertility to the highest level possible is a process that varies significantly for each individual, which is why general nutrition guidelines are unlikely to work.

At our clinic we provide you with a unique nutrition plan and fully support you throughout your time with us in order to help improve your fertility and chances of conception to the best of our ability.