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Healthy children are the foundation of a healthy population. For children to enjoy optimum health, healthy practices and care should begin before pregnancy. Adequate nutrition during pregnancy is a main contributing factor affecting both the mother’s health and that of the developing baby. A poor quality diet during pregnancy has been closely associated with:

– Excess weight gain for the mother
– Pre-eclampsia
– Early birth or even miscarriage
– Poor blood glucose control, especially amongst obese women.

An imbalanced diet can also significantly affect the health of the baby with:

– Inadequate development
– Low birth weight
– Increased risk of developing chronic diseases later in life

Many recent studies have confirmed that nutrition during pregnancy is strongly related to disease development in adult life, including heart disease, diabetes and bone health.

At our clinic we will provide you with the right information and tools to help ensure you are providing your baby with the nutrients it needs, whilst also looking after your health.

Our successful pregnancy before and after services are offered in conjunction with fertility specialist Dr. Harry Karpouzis and PELARGOS IVF.